Health And Government

If it is true that the government is not the fault of all our men, we have a responsibility in our health, if we do not feel like drinking something, we drink a lot of alcohol and smoke everyday, it is almost certain that we will get sick from something very serious at an early age, or at least we will need a good dentist in Tijuana Mexico to fix our rotten teeth. But the truth is that some things the Mexican government can not be doing things better to help its citizens.

For example, it has been shown in several studies that overwork reaches people and, with regard to the legal issue, we have the Federal Labor Law, we establish days of 48 hours a week in overtime, while most of of the international standards set the weekly working day in 40 hours, and all this of course has consequences both physically and emotionally and even goes beyond the labor frontiers and even into the family. All this can be done only in more companies consider automation versus exploitation.

The worst of all is that our labor legislation has certain aspects that make it look backward compared to other nations, starting with the 48 hour shared hour and even not including the consequences of stress as diseases related to the job

Although we are not the only country that suffers from overwork of the Japanese, for example, they have a word for this: karoshi, which means death from overwork. It is estimated that two thousand 300 people died in 2015 due to this cause. The accounts of that country consider that, if someone has any, the government will contribute 20 million dollars to his family, while the contracting company will disburse up to one and a half million dollars, that the step was due to a disproportion your employee

Citizens have also complained that the government’s actions regarding health are based only on the treatment of patients with diabetes, leaving prevention to one side and that same with many other diseases that can be avoided with a good prevention campaign.