Tips for caring for a sick person without stress

We are approaching February 11, a date in which the World Day of the Sick is celebrated. That is why we ask you the following question: do you know how to take care of yourself and yours when you fall ill? but we must recognize that sometimes it is not easy and it is not in our hands to take care of a sick person and more if he is already old, a good option would be to take him to Senior Care Mexico.

Here we give you some necessary advice for a quick and effective recovery, avoiding the emotional and physical wear and tear that this task sometimes entails.

Caring means many changes
We understand that the role of caring for a person with chronic disease, dementia, cancer or terminal illness can make a dent in our mood and general well-being. To begin with, this bump in our path may mean us to give up, at least temporarily, our goals, motivations and goals in life. In addition, in many cases it translates into a change in our lifestyle, having to be aware of many things: medication, activities, cleanliness, nutrition and the same demands of the sick person.

It is important to assume that we will have many changes of mood and emotions such as frustration at not being able to do better, followed by a feeling of guilt for not reaching everything and having put aside your plans. To all this is added a feeling of loss to see that the sick person no longer performs tasks and functions that previously did, along with the sadness that is witnessing the deterioration that in some cases is experiencing on a day to day basis.

Useful tips to avoid the wear and tear of caring for a sick person:
Involve other people, do not be the only one in charge of a sick person. You can try to ask for help from professionals, relatives or other people in your environment.
Communicate: express your feelings with close associates and do not keep anything. You need a space in which to express your concerns and emotions.
Try to maintain a positive attitude. Sometimes it is normal to fall into pessimism and nothing happens, we always have the opportunity to get up again.
It is not selfish to take care of oneself. We insist that to take care of a healthy and adequate way, we must first be well.
Caring for you means maintaining healthy habits: physical exercise, good nutrition, leisure and personal hygiene.
It is important that you accept your limitations. We are not perfect, and it is normal for us to make mistakes. Lean on professionals and the people who love you right now.
Give yourself moments of relaxation and rest. Do not stop doing things that you like.
It is quite common for negative thoughts and emotions to come to us. In this case, let them pass and do not cling to them. And above all, repeat to yourself “it is normal to feel this way in some moments”. Practice compassion with yourself.
In cases where possible, make it easy for the sick person and yourself. It encourages your independence and lets you perform the tasks you can take on. In this way you will reinforce your sense of worth and self-esteem, and you will assume less burdens and tasks.
Always learn from the situation you are living in each moment, be resilient. Each step of the way gives us certain teachings that, if we know how to listen and integrate, can be of great help to increase our knowledge about life and ourselves. In addition, looking back, you will remember that you were close to him, accompanying his progress, setbacks, and helping and supporting his evolution.
From these tips we highlight one that we consider crucial for good care: to take good care of another person you have to take care of yourself first. For this reason we recommend you to take out medical insurance to cover your health needs and consult with specialists in case you need it.