Types of Plastic Surgeries

I bet you must have come across the word Plastic Surgery before, havent you? If no, then there you just read it. Read on…

Like I used to, most people must have also asked themselves the term they’d specifically address to a surgeon in case they want either their faces, legs, wounds, hair, breasts, … blah blah blah, fixed to look stellar. You know what? It simply owes to the type of plastic surgery Tijuana Mexico. They are many. But let’s take a look at the few most common ones below. Let’s go.

1. Facelift.
You can even predict its target from the name.
If your face looks wrinkled, loose, sagging and/or droopy, a facelift plastic surgery is the apt solution for you. You will end up with a new, smoother, tighter, … you give it all the beautiful names! During the process, face tissues are practically lifted, then the excess skin removed and skin replaced over the repositioned contours.
2. Breast Augmentation.
Breast Augmentation, or augmentation mammapasty modifies the size or shape of breasts by use of either saline or silicone-filled implants. In 2005, there were so many breast augmentation surgeries done, making it the most preferred cosmetic surgery for women.
Tip: The silicone-filled implants give a more natural look and feel.
3. Dermabrasion.
The old top layer of your skin is sanded away. Then? Nature takes its course ~ a whole new skin naturally replaces it, in form of healing! Consequently, you get a smoother-looking skin.
4. Tummy tuck.
You could give it up, considering the amount of effort you’ve applied, all in the attempt of pursuing the goal of melting away your belly pooch, but hasn’t yielded you anything. You then opt for tummy tuck, which isn’t another shot in the dark but a sure way of doing away with a bulging bely.
Also dubbed abdominoplasty, it reshapes your tummy by removing from it the excess fat or skin to restore separated or weakened musckes in your belly, especially the lower part, to create a better visual impression of it.
NOTE: Abdominoplasty doesn’t remove stretch marks. Maintaining a good weight and diet is key to maintaining the results.
5. Hair transplantation.
You can depict what all this means.
It involves reducing baldness by decongesting hair from areas of thick growth in the head and transfering the excess to the bald area. Most, if not all the “hair transplants” leads to a successful growth. That’sgood news!
I can now see that your question was well answered. Those are the five most outstanding plastic surgeries. There are more. You can as well explore them. I beg to leave. Good luck!