How do I activate Windows 10 without a license key?

Windows 10 activation is a necessary procedure for comfortable use of the system. Microsoft itself does its best to facilitate the transition of users to newer versions. Thus, the update from Windows 7, 8 is absolutely free for a whole year. The ability to change the OS is often reminded by a system in which updates are enabled.

Windows 10

Alas, this raise has already ended on 07/29/2016 and since that time it will not be likely to switch to contemporary Windows 10 through the inform centre. But this does not mean that such an opportunity was completely lost. Still, there is an option to update in an official way.

It should also be noted that Windows 10 can be used even without a license. Small restrictions are imposed in the form of the inability to personalize the system and the corresponding message. There may also be problems with supports in the future or limited functionality, but today this is not the case. The license provides the ability to change some screensavers.


Windows 10 key activation

The easiest way, which assumes you have the appropriate license key. Usually when buying a PC or laptop, if it has a pre-installed system, there is a key on its case or in the kit. For laptops, it is more often located on the back side, and for stationary PCs, on the side.

There is also one important nuance, if when you bought it was agreed that the Home version is preinstalled, then only the key is suitable for it. The Pro version will no longer work with this code. But within the Home version, you can install any system variations: x32, x64, various language packs and update builds.

So, in order for the system to become Microsoft Windows 10 activated, it is necessary:

RMB on the element “This computer” and select “Properties”;

In the “Windows Activation” section, click on the button of the same name on the right;

Enter your key and click on “Activate”.

After the harmonisation process with the Microsoft cloud, which confirms the cogency of the key, info will seem in the same section about the result of the process.


Activation using the assistant

Many are still anguished by questions whether it is possible to activate Windows 11 pro key using a typical update. Even in spite of the long period for this transition, not everyone had time to update. Now free Windows 10 is no longer offered everywhere and support for updating to this system has ended.

There is also a special tool from Microsoft that will perform the necessary procedure. This is the point, “Update Center” is no longer responsible for the transition, you need to download a special assistant. This shouldn’t be considered a problem.

So how to activate Windows 10:

Download the program

Agree to the terms of use;

This will start a check to see if the PC package meets the stated minimum system requirements. Windows 10 requires: 1 GB of RAM for x32 and 2GB of RAM for x64, also 20/16 GB of space, respectively;

The download of the system copy will start, which will be articulated by the consistent percentage scale;

Then, after checking the integrity of the received files, the installation will begin. You have about half an hour to go about your business, while the installation is running in the background;

After the computer is restarted, it is notified about it 30 minutes before shutdown, you cannot be afraid of losing data. The standard installation process will now start;

In the settings, it is better to disable all additional offers.

The only important condition for completing the procedure is the presence of a licensed version of Windows 7 or 8, otherwise the process will not be crowned with success.

If you are categorically not satisfied with installing the system on top of another, since the stability of such a procedure is in doubt, then you can additionally perform a standard replacement of the system. The fact is that your personal key is recorded on the server and now, if you reinstall the OS on an identical only clean OS, it will be automatically activated. Just ignore the relevant notification.


Activation using programs

You can often come across questions, how to activate Windows 11 pro activation key, and many similar ones. At the same time, the user does not have a license for any system, so the update is not suitable. Logically, in order not to pay for the product and use it, you need to side-step average resources. Sometimes the reaction is unpredictable, as new and new ways of protection are being developed.

There are several ways to activate Windows 10 pro, home and other versions. The plans listed below work with all system formations. You can use KMSAuto app, Re-Loader Activator. The main problem in this niche is the presence of viruses in many programs. In order not to check everything on your own experience, you can download the indicated applications.

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