How to unzip a WinRAR archive

Having opened the WinRAR archive using the steps described above, select the files to extract or the folder and select “Extract” from the menu. Before unpacking, you will need to specify the path to save folders and confirm the action by clicking “OK”. To extract large amounts of information, you can put unpacking in the background. Unpacking is definitely required if you are installing an application or game compressed into an archive. Even if you have free access to the exe file, the program may not install, indicating that some files in the archive are not available to it. You can extract files and folders:

In a folder with the same name as the archive, so as not to lose the required document among many files

In the current folder – the files will be unpacked without creating a separate folder in the category in which the archive itself is located

If you select “Extract files”, a window will open where you can specify the path to extract files.

unzip a WinRAR

How to change the language

In order to avoid difficulties with packing and unzipping documents, images or other files, the application should work in the language that is understandable to the user. We recommend purchasing the program in Russian, so as not to spoil important documents or accidentally delete photographs of memorable events.

If the interface of your archiver is in English or any other language, then you have acquired a non-Russian-language license. To use WinRAR with a Russian-language menu, you need to purchase a license in Russian. The ability to change the interface languages is only available in a portable (mobile version) program.

How to put a password on the WinRAR archive

For privacy settings, you need to make an archive with documents by clicking “Add to Archive”. Then, in the menu item “Set Password”, you will need to enter secret characters, repeat them to confirm, and then click “OK” to compress the encrypted archive. To protect documents securely, check the box “Encrypt file and folder names” so that the names cannot be viewed.

Some categories of documents must be moved confidentially so that they can not be read by unauthorized persons. In this case, setting a password in the archive will be indispensable.

How to unlock WinRAR archive

If you transfer encrypted archives to others, which they need to view, be sure to send a password. There are no other methods to unlock the archive, except for the correct introduction of the secret code.

You can unlock the archive by opening the program and selecting a document, or by clicking on the “Extract to current folder” folder and entering the required password. Do not forget: you can set a password on both zip and rar archive formats, however, using rar will make it possible to encrypt not only documents, but also folder sizes, their names and comments.

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