Market of banking and Trading software 2020

Here you will find the current SoftGuide market overview of banking software, core banking systems, trading software (stock trading, securities trading) and solutions for banks and financial service providers. The banking software listed in this section is aimed at companies in the following industries, among others:

Banks, Volksbanks and savings banks

private banks

building societies

Credit institutions and leasing companies


Service provider for factoring

Financial advisor and FinTechs

Market of banking and Trading software

Software for banking and financial service providers

The software for banks and financial service providers listed here supports retail banking, lending, corporate and investment business. It includes, for example, core banking, eBanking, general ledger accounting, auditing, banking processes, simulation accounting or loan and mortgage management.

Avalantrag banking

Our solution for banks, financiers and credit companies to significantly speed up the processing of guarantee applications. You achieve a simultaneous increase in quality, significantly shorter lead times, greater transparency and customer loyalty and integrate existing systems. Master data checks against the existing systems, processing of different types of guarantees and fee calculations according to country risks are included. A multi-stage workflow for approvals is included as well as automatic process monitoring.


BeDarV is an IT solution for the application and processing of subsidy loans, which designs all requirements from filling out the loan application to loan payment with the involvement of the bodies involved (house bank, central institute, funding institutes) without documents. The aim of BeDarV is to optimize the entire process of processing subsidy loans in the bank. The biggest advantage is the reduction in throughput times. By eliminating manual activities, the work processes can be optimized and thus a reduction in processing times and costs can be achieved.


The corporate solution CICone® is a modular ERP system and designed for financial service providers. It covers the typical processes of finance companies. With its numerous modules, tools and the integrated WorkFlow Management System, it allows optimal adaptation to customer needs and thus leads to highly efficient benefit maximization.

Factoring software ef3basic

Ef3basic is a powerful application for factoring. The functionality of the software system is aimed at companies that pursue an expanded factoring approach with a national and cross-border factoring focus. The application synchronizes IT and business with the aim of optimally processing the specific factoring data. Individual modules expand the range of services as required. Based on meaningful data, ef3basic enables efficient accounts receivable management, targeted controlling of follow-up customers and sustainable strategy planning.


The order process for investment funds is characterized by media breaks at a large number of financial service providers. Fund orders are taken over manually from the booking system and combined into block orders. The order is usually sent by fax. Overall, this approach proves to be labor-intensive and prone to errors in practice. It is also particularly important that all fund orders must reach a KAG by a certain time (‘cut-off time’) …


Integrated: 2-Ways MS Office integration. Intuitive: Consistent, simple usage concept. Ready to use: short introductory and training phase. Complete: planning, implementation, follow-up, reporting. Efficient: Minimal setup, introduction and administration effort. AudimexSD is the ideal software for revision units with up to 20 employees who prefer a pragmatic approach to testing at low cost. AudimexSD offers you a comprehensive audit management system for audits.

TeamMate AM

Intuitive. Innovative. Integrated. TeamMate AM is a comprehensive audit management system designed to help auditors and decision makers in internal audit departments manage all aspects of the audit process. TeamMate enables your company to identify risks, create assessment reports, plan projects, allocate resources, record times and expenses, track exams, implement recommendations, and create and manage exams using an advanced electronic working paper database.


System for the distribution and quality assurance of course and price information. The use of incorrect price information represents a great risk potential for financial service providers. For example, when calculating fund redemption prices, the use of incorrect price information for financial service providers can be associated with enormous risks and the resulting damage. According to the abraxas philosophy, courses are supplied centrally in an upstream process. RiskLine-P specifically queries price information of various qualities (realtime / delayed / end-of-day) from various data providers, checks them.


The examination of transactions for market fairness requires current market data and know-how about the test methods to be used. RiskLine-M automatically checks trades for market suitability as far as possible based on the type of instrument and the business data. The system supports the following test methods: Checking business price against alternative market price, Checking business price against fair value calculated by the system, Checking business price against fair value calculated by a third-party system.

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