Update Mozilla Firefox latest version free

Surely many of you will have used the well-known Mozilla Firefox browser at some point. He is very well represented by an orange firefox who wants to imitate a ball. If in addition to having it installed, we have it updated, you can avoid many headaches. But what should we do to keep it in its latest version? How can you update Mozilla Firefox for free? This powerful search engine in the open-source network, has a very high speed, with a load of web pages that do not need to use much memory of the device where you have installed it, hence it is so used in very diverse sectors and for users of all levels, both beginners and advanced level. What most like those who have dared to use it is that it is very intuitive and facilitates navigation through its different options? Everything is framed in the most appropriate area so that, if an option is needed, it can be found in a moment without going around too much.

Update Mozilla Firefox latest version free

Update Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7, 8 and 10

It also has a private browsing mode that blocks trackers, to avoid those ads that chase us daily using our searches, the famous “cookies”, forgetting your history once you have closed the window. You cannot deny me that it has many advantages, so read on to know how to have the Mozilla Firefox browser updated and in its latest version if you are clear that you want to try it with all its advantages and functionalities. Generally, Firefox is responsible for keeping updated automatically and it is not necessary for the user to do it himself. But there are times when, for some special reason, that update does not occur and we must take care of doing it manually. Also, we can select from the preferences the option that “the browser does not update automatically ” and so you can choose the time to do it yourself. It is a very simple process, so you can follow the following steps to do it without any problem: First, you can download the.exe from above. Open a Mozilla Firefox browser window and go to the menu bar just at the top right with this symbol. Then open the help menu located at the bottom, a drop-down will open. Select “About Firefox ” that is right in the last position. Firefox is going to open a pop-up and a message appears indicating that it is checking for updates. In the event that your browser is not in the latest version, the new update will start downloading automatically. When this quick process is finished, you must click on the “Restart to update Firefox” button. After the restart, you can enjoy the new update on your computer with a Windows Operating System. That easy! In case you want to configure the Firefox updates yourself, do not hesitate to follow these steps: You must go to Menu and select Firefox Options. Now you must place yourself in the « General »  tab and move to the “Firefox updates” section. From this section you can configure the update frequency and mode, selecting the option that interests you most. Updates can be made automatically or manually. From here we recommend the automatic option to always keep your device at the highest level of security although, as we say, if you prefer to make the updates yourself, you can do it through this configuration.

Update on Mac computers

You can download the file above. Open the Firefox browser and look for the option in the main menu   « About Firefox «. Mozilla will look for updates after the version in which your browser is located. In case there are, Firefox will automatically update on your Mac computer. When this process is finished, you must restart the browser for the changes to complete. An option to do it directly will appear, but if not, you can close the browser from the crossbar and reopen it, by clicking on its shortcut. If you have any problems during the download and installation, you can use the links that are offered here, they are 100% safe and the downloads come from the official Mozilla page, we provide you with direct download links and the systems and languages ​​directory to search the most current option in reference to your operating system and your language.

Update for Android

Open a browser window Mozilla Firefox for Android. Next, select the option “Settings” in the upper corner. If you can’t find it, go to the “More ” section. You will see the “About Firefox” section and below the Firefox logo  the version that is installed will appear. You may see a warning that you need to update to the latest version. If this is the case, you must open Google Play on your device and select the corner menu that you have in the upper left. Go to the “My Applications” section and a list of all your apps will appear. A distinction will appear in the applications that are pending updates. If Firefox appears there, you must select it. When clicking on the browser application, the « Update « button appears. Confirm by clicking on the “Accept” button and the entire process will begin automatically. When it is finished, you will receive a warning and the “Update” button will have become “Open ” since there will be no installation of new features to perform.

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