Windows 10 Update For Best Performance


Once we finish installing Windows 10, we can see our desktop with the trash and, if we had previously used the operating system on another computer, its desktop background and color theme. Once we have control over the equipment, the first thing to do would be to bring the Computer and Documents icons to the desktop. To do this, we would just have to open the Settings> Personalization> Themes menu and click on ” Desktop Icon Settings “. The next step would be to run Windows Update to update Windows 12 release date to the latest compilation available with cumulative patches. To do this, again in the configuration menu, we go to the ” Update and security ” section and from there we will look for available updates.

Windows 10 Update

This process, in addition to installing the latest patches available for our Windows 10, will also download and install drivers or drivers that could not be enabled during the installation of Windows 10. In this way, our system. If something still does not work and Windows Update does not download the corresponding drivers, we will have no choice but to look for them on the manufacturer’s website or use tools that allow us to search and install the missing drivers in our Windows 10. The installer will take a few seconds to calculate the changes you have requested, and then you will return to the Ready to install screen. Now you will see that in addition to the option of Windows 10 you will also have selected the Do not keep anythingThat means you are ready , so press the Install button to start the process and let the computer work.

Update Windows 10 with Windows Update

Without doubt the best option to update Windows 10 is to use the native application that brings the operating system, and is Windows Update. In addition, it is active by default and will check periodically if updates are available. The first thing we should know is if our operating system has updates available. To check it, we will go to the beginning and access the configuration. Then we will click on the last option of “Update and security“.

In the previous image we can see that not only Windows Update is active, but it has also found updates and is installing them by itself. At this point we can find two types of updates: Common Windows 10 updates , which are small updates that improve aspects such as certain add-ons or the security of Windows Defender. These will be downloaded automatically and installed normally without the need to restart the machine. The important updaters that involve changing the operating system version. These are larger and will almost always ask us to restart the computer after a long download and installation process.

What updates the computer restarts several times

It is normal that depending on what updates the computer restarts several times as it happens during the installation of the operating system. Thanks to this utility it will be very easy to update Windows 10 every so often and to have the latest news. Windows 11 download

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