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windows 11

It is useful to know how to enter the advanced boot options of Windows 11 iso. They serve to solve all kinds of problems related to them and give access to different repair tools. Below I explain which ones in particular. Start now. How to enter the option – Turn off the PC after removing any CD / DVD from the CD player, if you have it. Also disconnect any USB flash drive or external disk you may have. Turn the device back on and press the F8 key on your keyboard quickly. If Windows starts to load, restart the PC and try again by pressing F8 several times in a row as soon as you start the PC.

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Click here to see solutions if F8 does not work . You should get an options screen. In very serious failures you may not be able to enter them as I just explained. You should do it by following these steps (for Windows 11 download only).

What options are there

In general, these are although they are not always available in all cases:

Repair your computer

Start automatic repair of Windows and other tools that help resolve bugs.

Safe mode options

windows 11

are three: safe (normal) mode, which loads Windows with the bare minimum. The mode with network functions, which adds the possibility of connecting to the Internet or another network. The command prompt mode, which opens an MS-Dos console. Click here for more information on that special mode of Windows startup. Now its the time for windows 11 upgrade to your pc.


Enable boot logging

Creates a text file (ntbtlog.txt) with information about the drivers that are loaded with Windows. It serves to detect which one may be causing it to fail.

Enable low resolution video (640×480)                  

Windows load with a very low screen resolution . It is useful if it gives problems to have set too high that your screen does not support. That can make it go black when it starts. Enabling this low resolution mode you can enter Windows and change the resolution.

The last valid / good known configuration (advanced)

Returns Windows to the latest driver and Windows registry settings that allowed you to turn it on and off without failures. It is a very effective way to solve all kinds of problems. Especially those related to drivers and problematic programs.

Directory Services Restore Mode

In general it has no practical use for normal users. It is an option related to domains and user management in large networks.

Debug mode

windows 11

It is also not intended for normal users. Enables an advanced diagnostic mode for Windows or PC problems. Visit new look of windows 11 here

Disable automatic restart in case of system error It

causes Windows not to restart when blue screen errors occur . This gives you time to see its description and error code . They are important data to try to solve them.

Disable mandatory use of signed drivers

By default Windows forces drivers to be digitally signed correctly. It is a safety measure. This option allows it not to be so. Useful for example to install unofficial drivers.

Start Windows normally

It is clear what it is for. It causes Windows to load as usual, without using any special mode or configuration.


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