Windows 11: What We Know About Microsoft’s Possible Next OS

Microsoft is equipping to declare the greatest Windows update since Windows 11 appeared in 2015, and keeping in mind that the organization hasn’t authoritatively reported the update, all signs highlight it offering a significantly different experience for PC users. In fact, the update should be so drastic that it could lead to the release of a new version of Windows 11. While Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the name change, it hinted at it heavily, as in its June 24 press illustration. Event and time 11:00.What follows is everything we know so far about the update, which is likely to be called Windows 11.

Those shadows would probably have been enough to spark some speculation about Windows 11 on their own, but scheduling an event at 11:00 ET helped as well. Many of Microsoft’s events take place on the same day – especially after the pandemic forced them to be online only – as the company is based on the West Coast. The working theory is that Microsoft wouldn’t schedule an event this early in the morning for no good reason; synchronicity with the new version number is considered acceptable.

Windows 11

Concerning why everybody thinks Microsoft is moving from Windows 10, despite the fact that it should be “the most recent rendition of Windows”: windows 11 iso download Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said at the Build 2021 Developers Conference in May, when the company planned to “share one of the most significant Windows updates over the past decade, “which he called” the next generation of Windows, “and someday” soon.” »After the conference. Thus, the assumption is confirmed not only by the GIF file and the start time of the event.

Nadella didn’t reveal many details about this Windows 2021 update, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Windows 11 is a black box. A series of reports, rumors and speculations based on the broken Windows 10X operating system have provided some clues as to what we can expect from the next generation of Windows, and it looks like the changes will be significant enough to justify that moniker.

Also keep in mind that changing the Windows name is a great way to generate interest and even spur PC sales. Every time a new version of Windows comes out, consumers want to buy computers with that OS preinstalled, even if the upgrade is easy.


How Windows 11 Can Change User Experience

Reports show that Microsoft has long planned many changes to the way Windows 11 64 bit iso works. Windows Central revealed in October 2020 that the organization needed to “update a significant number of its high level UIs, like the Start menu, Action Center, and even File Explorer with a consistent modern design, improved animation and new features “within the project known internally as” Sun Valley “.

Sun Valley was not supposed to replace Fluent Design language. Microsoft was introduced at Build 2017 and expanded into iOS, Android and the web in 2019, Windows Central said, but instead intended to extend the design language to additional parts of Windows. This will likely result in a more consistent user experience than the jumble of design languages ​​introduced in Windows 10.


User interface settings

Some of these small but notable design issues were reported by Microsoft Program Manager Julia Klein in the public GitHub repository for WinUI in November 2020. Klein said that “XAML controls are inconsistent with how web and mobile applications evolve,” and that her proposed changes were “part of the effort to update the Xaml user interface to align with other platforms, but still look familiar on Windows.”

The proposal included changes to toggle switches, sliders, and rating controls used in Windows. These user interface elements are almost ubiquitous; the changes are likely to have a larger-than-expected impact on the structure of the operating system. Klein’s post also made it clear that Microsoft really wanted to redesign Windows, giving meaning to the Windows Central report a month earlier.

Microsoft’s plans to modernize the Windows interface were nearly confirmed by a job listing in January, which stated:“On this team, you work with our key platform, Surface, and OEM partners to orchestrate and deliver a radical visual refresh of Windows experience to inform our customers that Windows is RETURNING and to ensure that Windows is considered the best custom OS for customers.”

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