Windows Recovery Tool Without Losing Any Data

The Windows recovery options as you find them on the Microsoft site all suffer from data loss in Windows. Therefore, first, use the Windows recovery tool and restore your files. In most cases of an unusable computer, a corrupt operating system is a culprit. Symptoms of these types of computers are problems with startup such as the familiar blue screen of death. But even if, for example, Windows Restart is stuck or if Windows does not start after an upgrade, this may indicate a damaged OS. But how can you recover files when Windows or the hard drive does not boot, that is the question that is central to this article.  We learn to restore your data if Windows is damaged by means of a bootable recovery program. This program can retrieve your files by starting up independently from Windows and scanning your data. You can then save them from your computer and secure them if, for example, you want to completely clean them or simply throw them away.

Windows Recovery Tool

Data loss in Windows 12

Windows 12 is currently the latest version of the popular Windows operating systems. This version of Windows did not come onto the market completely without any problems, and many users also suffer from data loss in Windows 12. Especially immediately after an update, many users lose their files. In this article, we learn to recover your files after an update of Windows 12 and in other Windows data loss situations. So you are always well prepared for unexpected data loss.

Recovery options

The recovery options that Windows displays on its site are as follows:

Have you recently installed an app, driver or update? Recovery from a system restore point
Has it been a while since you installed an app, driver or update? Reset your computer
Have you made a recovery station? Use the installation media to restore Windows
Have you not made a recovery station? Use the installation media to restore Windows
Have you created a recovery drive, but resetting your PC doesn’t work? Use the installation media to reinstall Windows
Do you want to reinstall the previous operating system? Choose Back to the previous version of Windows

However, all Windows recovery options have one thing in common, they all result in serious data loss. That is why we recommend that you download the EaseUS Windows recovery tool. This can retrieve your data in numerous circumstances. In the best-case scenario, first, secure your data, and then get started with one of the Windows recovery options above.

Windows recovery tool

The data repairer in question is called EaseUS Data Recovery and is super easy to use. In addition, there is a trial version so that you can first test whether the program can actually find your files before you pay. So don’t worry, download the software and follow the following steps:

Fighting data loss in Windows in 3 steps with the EaseUS Windows recovery tool:

Step 1 . Start the software, choose the drive where you want to restore data, and click Scan .

Step 2 . The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard starts with a superficial quick scan, followed by a deep scan to find all your files.

Step 3 . Finally, you can view your files in the preview and press Restore  if you have chosen which one you want to retrieve.
In this case, restore to an external drive so that you can get started with the Windows recovery options.

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